David R. Stoecklein


Legendary photographer David R. Stoecklein left his mark on our world in more ways than one. In addition to being one of the most sought-after photographers in the business, he was one of the kindest souls, known for his storytelling as much as his images.

While David photographed everything from Chevrolet®, Jeep®, and Marlboro® to Stetson®, Coca-Cola®, Canon USA®, Epson®, Bayer®, and Copenhagen®, his passion was documenting the cowboy way of life—the men and women who knew a thing or two about hard work and making an honest living.

David lived by the code of the West. In fact, he photographed a book on the subject called Cowboy Ethics. His word was worth gold, and his handshake meant everything. He spoke his piece, but not before listening. He worked hard, played hard, and always made a stranger feel welcome.

In his honor, David’s wife, Mary, and their three sons, Drew, Taylor, and Colby, have established the David R. Stoecklein Memorial and Educational Foundation. It is a charitable not-for-profit organization designed to provide help to causes David cared so much about. The foundation is organized for literary and educational purposes promoting Western life through exhibits of Western art, artifacts, and photography, grants, scholarships, publications, and educational programs. The Stoecklein family shall continue David’s legacy of education and generosity for generations to come.

We’d be grateful for your contribution to the David R. Stoecklein Memorial and Educational Foundation.